When boarding your pets at Yukon Hills Animal Hospital we strive to make your pets as comfortable as they would at home. We offer luxury suites for both our canine and feline friends, as well as playtime or climb time with our kennel technicians. We have webcams and televisions with DVD players in each of our canine suites and in our cattery. So when you are away feel free to view your pet from this site. (Coming Soon) In the cattery we have installed a fish tank and a television for their viewing pleasure.


      We are regularly monitoring your pets’ health and happiness during their stay. In order to board here at Yukon Hills Animal Hospital you will have to become a client of ours. We limit the boarders to our clients for health and sanitary regions. Before your pets board with us they will need to be current on vaccinations, on a flea preventative, have had dewormer and had their stool checked in the last six months to a year. This prevents the spread of disease among animals and maintains the cleanliness of our facilities as well as the health of your pet.



     Something to think about while your pet is staying with us is if they need to be groomed, bathed, or have a surgery while staying here. We can accomidate this for your convenience.


Check out our Luxury boarding facilities by clicking on the link below.

Luxury Boarding